Latest Painted Family Portraits – 11×14 Acrylic on Mixed Media Paper

Here are my latest paintings of my family from a couple of different trips.

I usually like to call these ugly paintings, because they’re done quickly. I’m just trying to give an impression, not impressionistic, view of what’s going on. I find these really fun, but I also try not to do too many of them.

I also do not like doing scenic or nature. =)


Art: 2019 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.

2018 Christmas vacation at Big Bear, CA of the nephews chilling out during a day of snowboarding. I did an earlier post of the family vacation with pencil drawings, they can be seen here:

These two below are from a family trip I did not go to. But I enjoyed looking at/editing the 5000+ images for them. =/

Dad chills out in the hotel room in Burma.

Forget about those boring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models in a string of nothing! Ma shows off her beach confidence wading up to her hips in the ocean sporting a black tank and khaki trousers.

I also have to practice painting waves. It’s not easy. I just can’t get into the flow of it. HAH!


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