The Snuts Perform at Mercury Lounge, NYC

The Snuts performing at Mercury Lounge

You know you’re busy and important when all you can think about is “Wow, this show is early. I can probably get home in time for NCIS New Orleans”. Priorities man, priorities…

Last night I caught an early show at the Mercury Lounge with West Lothian, Scotland’s The Snuts. Tragic name, but don’t let the name deceive you. (Although I think reversing the letters to The Stuns would’ve been way better, but maybe not as memorable.) I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. They were on my secondary list for SXSW (which I did not attend). But after last night, I think I should’ve put them on the MUST SEE list. All apologies.

Singer Jack Cochrane was quite charming and at times hard to understand with his strong Scottish accent. I was able to keep up, for the most part. A friend noticed the Arctic Monkeys influence. I never really got into AM, so I can’t confirm, but I did notice an early 2000s UK influence. I wished more people would’ve danced last night as well, as their songs were quite danceworthy. But then again…it’s New York. We don’t do that.

The Snuts performing at Mercury Lounge

So here are some photos from last night, taken with an iPhone 7, shot and processed in the Lightroom app. I also discovered the top left button on the phone could also take the picture faster instead of that slow white button on the screen. (So late to the game. Lay off…I’m using an iPhone 7.)

Still keeping my radar on alert for any bands making a quick stopover as they head home to NOT USAland after their time at SXSW. Sadly I had missed a few from Spain and Australia.

Enjoy the photos! Ahhhh…Snuts!

Photos: 2019 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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