Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: What the People of Fashion Week Don, 13 Sep 2011, NYC

Fashion Week continued Wednesday and PMFB caught some amazing and unusual event fashion.  The people do get dressed up and as you’ll see from the video as well as the bottom four images it’s all about being extreme or edgy.

I was also lucky enough to get a short clip of the incomparable Grace Coddington, Creative Director of Vogue, exiting the event, possibly the Narciso Rodriguez or Malan Breton show.  Seriously, that totally made my whole day!  Oh yeah, that and the shot of Miss Jay of America’s Next Top Model.

While pointy metal studs and chain jewelry are hot right now, color is still king.  Head wear is also very popular and shoes always top the look.  Or is it bottom the look?  😉

Anyways, enjoy the images and video below:


And now, onto the video!


Links to check out:




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