In the Studio, Dans l’ Atelier – The Artist Photographed From Ingres to Jeff Koons at the Petit Palais at the Musee des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris

Some photos from a few of my favorite pieces at the current exhibit for Dans l’ Atelier, In the Studio – The artist photographed from Ingres to Jeff Koons at the Petit Palais at the… Continue reading

Suscipio (Up) 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas

Finished this week, a painting of two hands/arms holding on to each other for help.  Suscipio is Latin, and means up – take up, lift up, receive. I wanted to create a piece… Continue reading

The ‘It’s Anthony Michael Hall!’ Project, Acrylic on Mixed Media

Here’s an acrylic painting on mixed media paper I just completed.  It’s a portrait of Anthony Michael Hall.  This was taken from a photograph I shot of him in 2004 at an event.… Continue reading

Close-up of a Woman’s Face, Acrylic, 18 January 2016

The one thing that comes in handy with being a photographer, is that I get to pull from my library of photos and practice painting the photos.  Here’s a re-creation of a portrait… Continue reading

The LOVE Project in Sign Language, 15 November 2015

So I’ve been practicing drawing the hands and decided to do a project on spelling the word Love.  The L, O, and V are easily recognizable, so I figure by the time you… Continue reading

ROYGBIV – Roy Orbison in Acrylic, 9 Nov 2015

A visual pun created with a portrait of Roy Orbison.  ROYGBIV.  I was thinking of putting his name above his head with each letters being different colors, but thought it worked best keeping… Continue reading

Woman in Blue and Orange – Two Tone Portrait in Acrylic

My latest project of using two colors and white to paint a portrait.  This time I used complementary colors blue and orange – Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Orange.  I also used white to… Continue reading

‘Mona Lisa’ Project – Acrylic

My attempt at Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ project.  Just the face though.  This is acrylic on mixed media. 2015 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

Portraits in Acrylic

A couple of new portraits from September.  All in acrylic. 2015 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved. Acrylic on Mixed Media Paper (6×8). Acrylic on Canvas Paper (9×12).  This image was backlit so… Continue reading

Musee Picasso and Space Invader Street Art of Picasso, 6 September 2015, Paris

Musee National Picasso-Paris at 5, rue de Thorigny is free on Sundays but worth the 13 euros if you go any other day. Works included not only Picasso’s pieces, but by contemporaries such… Continue reading


Here I go again, one eye after another.  Studying the eyes right now.  Enjoy painting the tear ducts the most.  All are acrylic on 6X8 mixed media paper.  Enjoy! Paintings: 2015 © Tear-n… Continue reading

Yuck and U.S. Girls at RiverRocks Concert, 6 August 2015, NYC

UK’s Yuck and US’s U.S. Girls performed at the final Hudson RiverRocks show of the summer at Pier 84 in New York City. Performing second were UK’s Yuck, where lead singer Max Bloom… Continue reading

Infacestructure – Bridge and Ducts – Acrylic

I have this fascination with the inner corners of the eyes.  I don’t know why, but I love shading that area.  Anyways I decided to do a painting as well.  I’m not a… Continue reading

May Ray ‘Glass Tears’ Project

So my studies on one of my favorite artists continues. One of my favorite Man Ray photographs is this 1932 ‘Larmes’ (Glass Tears). So I decided to draw this and do a painted… Continue reading

Seinfeld Apartment Pop Up Exhibit at Milk Studios, 26 June 2015, NYC

The pop up exhibit at Milk Studios on 14th Street and 10th Ave in the Meatpacking District is up til Sunday, June 28th from 10am-7pm, but you should get in line by 5,… Continue reading

David Beckham Project – Acrylic and Graphite

I started on acrylic and I have no idea why I chose David Beckham.  Also, the concealer under the eyes made it difficult for me to blend but I’m okay with the results.… Continue reading

Ellie Goulding Inverted Experiment

This was a fun project for me.  I took a photograph of Ellie Goulding I photographed in 2011 at Saks Fifth Avenue and inverted it into a negative image. Then I drew the… Continue reading

Getting Into Hairy Situations

I’ve dreaded drawing hair, but decided to just do it.  So here are a few drawings.  I’m excited because the top 2 images are pretty large.  And because they are so large, they… Continue reading

Photos: Ride and Ash Performing at Terminal 5 AND Ride After Party Shots, 4 June 2015, New York City

Ride return to NYC for their second show just after another show in Toronto.  These guys sure are busy and loving it.  Mark Gardener certainly got his swagger on while on stage and… Continue reading